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Digital Marketing Content Creator

Have everything in one bundle to solve your problems while creating content for your business, from Social Media tips, ideas, and strategies to blog post ideas and outstanding headlines.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting your business or already running up, this bundle was made for YOU, so you can stand out with incredible content every day, and never be run out of it.

This Bundle was created for you to have whole control of your content, ideas to post, and strategy to do it so much better.

It doesn't matter if you just start your business or going on the way for it, it was made to manage and control your content for social media and blog.

You will find different strategies from Content Creation, Content Caption, and even Hashtags.


What will you get on the DMCC

This Calendar Control is going to be able in two formats, a PDF to be printed and a PPT document online to be editable.

You can control the type of post to create or your daily work for your business, so you don't miss out on anything.

Prompts to create content monthly.

Don't run out of ideas at any moment, this Content Calendar will help to create content every single day.

It was made to follow from Month 1 at the start of the year even if you want to start at any month.

This Calendar Content has the type of post include and some important days add it in every month.

It was made specifically for social media and blogs to control the content to be updated every day.

Run out of ideas, need help to engage with your audience?

How many important days can be out there? A lot to say so!

Every month holidays to entertain the audience or remind the important days, another way to connect with your audience creating content related to these holidays.

121 CTA for your business, get the attention of your audience anywhere.

Made them do some actions around your account or website, stay connect with them interacting at any moment.

Are you a blogger? Do you run out of ideas from time to time? Don't worry!

This Sheet has some blog ideas to work out right away, some of the blog ideas can be used for different types of topics.

Need a Headline for your blog to draw the attention of your readers?

Here you will find great headlines to get attention so your blog post has the attention it needs, there are more than it is, some of them can be used in different blog post topics.

How great it's to have ideas to post on Instagram and be updated on the platform every day.

This sheet with Instagram Post Ideas will help you to never run out of content at any moment around the whole year.

Stay updated on the trends, use Reels for your business, here some Reels ideas to connect with your audience.

To be used for a whole year for different topics related to your business.

Being on the platform every day to connect with your audience is not easy when you don't have any ways to do it.

Instagram gives you Stories to be connected for 24 hours, this Sheet of Instagram Story Ideas will help you to be around every day.

Guides to help create content to grow your business while engaging with your audience


Learn my Hashtags Strategy that has helps me to engage on the platform, every detail I use to manage my content to reach does who really want to connect with my content, and stay updated with the last about hashtags, how many you really need to use?

And a Bonus, you're also going to have a list of Hashtags for your business, these are for social media, entrepreneurs, blogs, clothes, food, marketing, creators, photography, design, nature, and more.


Create ideas for every occasion, for every month according to important days in those months, create Seasonal ideas as a photographer or event designer, and prepare your business for Holidays, special sales, or entertainment.


The hardest part of uploading content on the platform is to write a caption enough to attract the audience.


With this Content Caption Strategy I use you will learn how to use it for every type of post and know that is not always applied as it supposed according to the content you're sharing.


Learn how to create content for your business on Instagram with this amazing guide, every feature that Instagram gives to connect has its way to share content.

Here you will know what types of content to share as a single post, carousels, Reels, IGTV, and even for Guides.


Positional your account to be searchable on the platform or to be seen even the Explore section with this Instagram SEO Guide.

Also, you will learn how to use keywords for caption and hashtags, and manage the Insights Analytics of your posts.

Manage your Instagram Content

Connect with your Audience

Stay Consistent on Instagram

Show yourself using Reels


35 Photos from the Membership


Social Media Post Templates for Instagram 

All Templates made in Canva where you can have access with a Free Account.

50 Instagram Post Templates made in Canva, with a Free User Account.

Were can be easily editable.

As soon you purchased the DMCC you will have access to the templates immediately.


Start Now!

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