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8 Link Bio Alternative for Instagram

Instagram has been growing fast this couple of months, updating while they create new functions to help creators, influencers, and even entrepreneurs to grow their business making incomes at the same time building a community of fans from their audience.

If you have a business, are part of Affiliate programs, or are the face of some brands, and you need to make sure your audience finds anything in one place, well you just need to add a link to your bio.

And here are some options to get you started.


Customize with awesome layouts, add dividers, and integrated Facebook Pixels. One unique link so your followers find everything in just one place.

Liinks offer:

  • Add social networks, including your email for contact

  • Track you analytics

  • Amazing advanced custom, change backgrounds, font, and colors

  • Different layouts with description

  • Facebook Pixel integration

  • Schedule your links with a start and end date

  • Add links to your post in the caption

Take a look at the pricing options:

Princing Plans from Liinks

2. Lnk.Bio

4 different plans to get you started easy and fast. Elegant and Perfect.

Lnk.Bio offers:

  • Unlimited links

  • Add all your social links

  • Schedule your links

  • Instagram Post schedule

  • External Analytics Pixels

Works for Agency or Agent to manage their influencers link from one place.

Princing Plans from Lnk.Bio

3. Linktree

Just with the free plan you can collect payments from your audience and embed video content. Have your link anywhere.

Linktree offers:

  • Collect payments on the free version

  • Collect emails and even phone numbers in the free version

  • Also, embed video content in the free version

  • Track which countries, cities, and channels are driving traffic to help measure performance

  • Powerful integrations to help you grow and scale

  • Include QR Codes

  • Create groups links adding headers

Take a look at the pricing options to give a try:

Princing Plans from Linktree

4. Milkshake

If you don't have a website you can try the Milkshake app for free. A website app builds on your cellphone, creates cards to introduce your business adds links to get subscribers, and more. It also works for those who have an existing website.

Milkshake offers:

  • Different Cards option

  • Easy to customize

  • Upgrade to remove Milkskare card

  • Add your link to all your social accounts

  • Add your blog content, podcast, and ebooks.

  • Receive bookings from clients

  • Promote your YouTube channel.

Free landing Page Upgrade to remove Milkshake card

5. Tap.Bio

Have a mini-site in just one link a Highlight Instagram Marketing link for influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands.

Tap.Bio offers:

  • Add Cards for different content

  • Embed video content especially from your youtube channel

  • Add links from others social accounts

  • Add your post to sell or gain views on your blog

Give a try to Tap.Bio, take a look at their pricing options:

Princing Plans from Tap.Bio

6. Campsite

A highly converting social landing page on one link in your bio.

Campsite offer:

  • All your social links

  • Advanced analytic to track clicks, views, countries, and more

  • Have your own domain

  • Advanced customization and embed video content for free

  • Have a QR Code

  • Use Carousel of your profile

  • Add your blog content with integrations from your website

Great for anyone, give a chance, here are the pricing options:

Princing Plans from Campsite

7. by Later

If you are using Later to manage your content, you will want to know it includes your own link bio.

Linkin. bio by Late offers:

  • Buttons and blocks for your content

  • Integrate with Shopify for shop owners

  • Google Analytics tracking

  • You can set up your link gallery and add links to it

  • Track your sales

Choose a plan and updated you link bio to convert followers into customers

8. Flowcode

A whole new different link bio, get you free QR code, and start to build your landing page to get traffic from your audience.

Flowcode offers:

  • Customization: eye-catching designs that are 100% scannable.

  • Update scan destination and track analytics at any time

  • Flowcode follows the strictest data privacy standards

  • Ready-to-print templates (flyers, postcards, and more) to highlight your code

  • Codes never expire

Princing Plans from Flowcode

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