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8 places Your Reel Get Noticed around the IG platform

You probably already know about Reels from Instagram, the new feature that has everyone talking about and interacting on the app.

It was launched in the middle of 2020, a great moment to be creative at home, we all know why.

It’s the highest competition to TikTok, and in my opinion (not a big fan user of TikTok), Reels are better, easy to use, and most importantly it can get the attention of a lot of users around the platform.

If you’re reading this is because you want to be part of the new trends on Instagram and know a little bit of information about it.

If you are already working at Reels and know how to manage, then great, you can keep reading, to know a few more things that are going to be shared.

But, if you haven’t started it, you will really want to know the rest of the breakdown of this blog post.

As the headline says it: 8 places your Reel Get Noticed around the IG platform. Here it goes:

#1 Your profile feed

Users are looking for new accounts to follow, if they decide to stop into yours, they will scroll down your feed and stop to see your Reels.

#2 Your Reels Profile feed

If they continue after they see you have more Reels, they will probably stop into your Reels Profile Feed to watch more.

#3 In your Stories

Sometimes your followers don’t have any idea that you have just uploaded a new Reel, don’t worry just share it into your stories so they can be updated on it. Also, if you use hashtags in that stories to other accounts can also be visible.

#4 By Your Followers

While your followers are scrolling down in their feed they will see new posts and one of them will be yours, your new Reel recently uploaded.

#5 Using Hashtags

As everyone knows Hashtags are very important to the content being shared on the platform if one of many ways to get users or potential customers to lead into new followers and connect with them. Using Hashtags on Reels will help to be seen when someone is looking for some information with that Hashtags, they will see you because of it.

#6 With the Audio

Specifically, does is trendy, do you know if you click on the audio of the Reel you can see others Reels using that specific audio. Don’t forget to use them!

#7 In the explore section

Apart from seeing single posts, carousels, and videos, we can also see Reels on the explore section, your Reels can be lucky enough to end here.

#8 In the Reels Feed

And the most important in the Reels Feed, in the button in the middle right below, if you click on it, you will find every Reel which Instagram decides to show you while you are scrolling down. Every time you upload a new Reel, even if you decide to post it for your profile feed, it’s going to be added here immediately.

As you can see, right now Reels are more important than any kind of post you made, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop creating other types of posts, just mashup, people can get boring easily watching the same time the same type of post, but don’t worry even if you mashup some them that won’t happen for a while.

So, is time to create or keep creating Reels to connect more with your audience, this comes from an Introvert who just got started and won’t stop for now.

This is how your Reels can be found.

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