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How I went from Interior Design to Graphic Design

Let’s be clear, Interior Design it’s a beautiful career that is easier in some countries than others to pursue. But, it didn’t happen in my case. But it didn't stop me to keep improving.

So, I decided to create SP Atelier Design. It hasn't been easy to grow a business, and the few things I learned from it, you can read about in this post --> What I learned growing a business.


So, let’s go to what you are here for.

First, the transition was easy. I already have the basic knowledge, like colors, forms, and even fonts.

Believe it or not, there are things you should learn while studying any career, without realizing what you are going to need later for.

Another, you need to learn the programs, which I already know how to use and this are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

And you will be wondering how we end using these programs as Interior Designers. Well, to put simple, here its:

  • Photoshop, we use to edit graphics, plans, and images such as render.

  • Illustrator we use to graphic panel presentations and design some graphics like easy illustration for better presentation.

  • And Indesign, to create a portfolio, and in my case my project graduation book.

Only I have to learn to use these programs and every basic concept of design as a graphic designer.

Learn how to create logos, design packages, stickers, templates and more.

I start by taking advantage of every free course offered because of a lack of budget, and every youtube I could find. All courses were in Spanish but it helped a lot.

To put the knowledge of everything out, I practice with myself and make a whole new rebrand to my business, it even feels better, more unique and professional.

Also, I create some designs as a portfolio, and reach out to friends as clients. Here some of them:


Learning a new career by yourself it’s challenging, but it is worth the risk and has to be more worth it if you keep working hard, being updated and enjoying the process.

I thought I was too late for anything, but apparently you are never not. So, if you want to learn a new career or create a whole business, do it. Take the chance while you can.

In the end, the transition was easy and amazing. Now I have to keep working on this business so it can grow and respond to its purpose to help business owners around the world.

Before you go, here some Youtubers, it still help me a lot:

Megan Weeks

Abi Connick

If you want your own custom brand or even your own website. Take a look to the services here:

All Services here and FAQs

This is what will you find:

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