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How to batch new ideas for Reels for your business

Instagram has been growing a lot the past year, adding new features to interact in different ways with the audience from some business owners.

They end the year 2020 by adding Reels, similar videos like TikTok but on Instagram, they have been improving a lot, but how it’s right now is the best.

While users are using Reels, Instagram has decided to push those accounts that have been taking advantage of the feature to reach a larger audience according to the type of business, content on the caption, audio, the use of hashtags, and more.

So, if you haven’t decided to use Reels do it NOW.

And if you want to know more about how to be in front of the camera, stay tuned on my Instagram to explain how to use Reels, what content you can share and how to do it.

It's hard to create content for a single post or carousel, and now we have to create content for video, Reels, and not just create it, also stand it in front of a camera comfortable to connect with our audience.

And how we create content if we can't get any ideas, that is a situation some people are struggling a lot with.

But, I'm here to help you with that, that's means you have to continue reading the great of the text.

Here are some tips to batch new ideas for Reels for your Business:

#1 Pay attention to Trends

Trends are always on the main topic of social media, make sure to pay attention to it to keep improving on your content. You just have to be on the platform for a few minutes to see what it’s going on, about what everyone is talking about.

Or be part of a challenge if it’s ok with your business brand.

Be part of a trend or a challenge it’s always optional because not every topic goes according to the business brand, so don't push yourself so much to be part of it, you probably will target the wrong audience you’re trying to reach out to.

#2 Use famous Audios

If you have been paying attention to Reels, you probably notice how everyone is using the same audio, so the idea is to see the Reels with this audio and the content sharing on it.

So, you can give yourself an idea of what type of content you can share according to the audio and your type of business to target the right audience.

#3 Repurpose Old Content

You started your business before Reels was even an idea to be created by IG or you just have been starting it, and build an audience with your content. But you really want to use Reels to take a turn to connect with your audience.

In case you have run-off ideas, you can always reshare your old content from a single post or carousels, to convert it into Reels to target a new audience.

#4 Create a list of Hacks on the IG platforms

Not everyone knows how to use IG and now more with a lot of new features, teach people how to use it with Reels, it doesn’t matter if you have seen another account sharing the same information, but the person who decides to stop seeing yours it won’t probably haven’t seen it the others.

#5 Use your voice

You’re those people who don't want to use their face or for the best like to talk but not in front of the camera, you can use your voice recorded to explain a process of what you’re doing or teaching some tips or tricks related to your business.

Hey, before you decide to leave, take a look at this bonus, a few ideas to create your first Reel:

  1. Tease a podcast

  2. Share a marketing mistake

  3. # Mistakes you’re doing

  4. Share a tutorial

  5. DO and Share an Expectation vs. Reality

  6. Share the industry myths more commons

  7. Share a step by step

  8. Promote your services/packages

  9. # Reason why they should use your products or services

  10. Share hack around your niche

  11. Share a story

  12. Share # inspiration

  13. Share resources from your industry

  14. Share a process in 15 seconds

  15. Share your # favorites about anything related to your business

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