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How to Drive Traffic to your Blog using Social Media

Starting a blog is easier, maintaining it’s also easy but getting readers into it, it’s not.

You want people to read your blog posts and not just to read and also find helpful, so they want to come back.

But how do they know if your is reachable, how can they find you without using even Google Searching tab.

This is where Social Media is more than apps to interact with friends and family even with strangers.

I place to build your blog and drive traffic immediately to your blog posts, and also keeps readers following in your Social Media accounts so they can be updated every time there is a new post in your blog.

Now which Social Media are the best for this, in my opinion, Pinterest is the #1 for bloggers, but you can use Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter.

And I will explain to you why and how you can do this, let’s get into it.

#1 Pinterest

Probably how you find this blog post using Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great source for information in every niche, you can learn how to build a small business, create your own website, learn things about how to maintain a good healthy life, and more.

Here you will 95% of every information you will need for every single day. And the most important you do is just click the Pins with a link to head to a blog post, like now, or to a YouTube video, or even to a shop.

First, if you already have a blog with posts published, you’ve to create a Pinterest account and not a personal one, a Business Pinterest account to get Insight about every single Pin you add into it. This is very helpful to know your Insight because you can know if really your Pins are reaching those who are looking for the information you’re sharing.

So, you need a Pinterest Business Account, optimize the account immediately, get a name, a description in the bio, start following people from your niche or those are helpful to grow a blog, and don’t forget to claim your website.

And then start to create pins, you can use Canva for this, or pay templates already made to be editable immediately.

You can use SP Atelier Design Pinterest Template you can find them in every Membership Plan.

#2 Instagram

This is the #1 one app in the Social Media Business, almost everyone is using it.

More than 1 billion users posting, like, leaven a comment, sharing posts, saving for later, talking to each other in DMs, and also making videos with Live, IGTV, and now Reels.

The possibility that one person's account stops seeing your post if 1 of 100 using the right strategies with keywords and hashtags.

So it’s almost the same possibility in Pinterest using the same strategies with keywords and hashtags, which means that is also a good Social Media to share your blog posts.

You will also find people following accounts around your niche so the possibilities are higher, and not just to stop and read your blog post, they will probably start following to be updated every single time you post a new blog post so they can know immediately.

And grow a reader community online interacting with them every single moment, and get some new ideas about what to write depending on what followers/readers want to know.

#3 Facebook

These days Facebook it’s not what people used to have, but some decide to stay and improve while Facebook makes some changes and connects both accounts, Instagram and Facebook, so you can keep interacting with people in the same way on different platforms.

Bloggers can grow on Facebook using ‘Facebook groups’.

Joining Facebook groups for bloggers is a good place to share your post, learn some tips and grab some new ideas.

Interact with people in the same position as you, from the same niche, or grow with expert bloggers to know how they did it.

I will share some Facebook groups that you can grow together and be very helpful because I’m also part of them, and they are totally amazing.

Here are some of them:

  1. The Blogging Society

  2. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

  3. The Smart Blogging Approach

#4 Twitter

Twitter it’s very known for writing, it’s a good place to write a very small review of a new blog post with a link to it and share it with the world.

You can find a lot of bloggers connecting with each other every time and helping each other to be known around the platform.

A lot of authors, poets, and bloggers use Twitter because the main point is to write, write and read others' posts, Tweets, and share every single moment, retweet.

But don’t forget the part I like the most from Twitter that you have to use in every single other Social Media platform, I mean Hashtags. In Twitter, it’s not too necessary to use them, and sometimes Keywords drive more engagement to the tweets than the Hashtags are supposed to do.

So, now you know which Social Media Platforms are the best to drive traffic to your blog, you just have to learn and make son strategies in every single one to get the attention of the users or readers so they stop by your blog, and read a little bit.

If this post was helpful or you have another tip to share let me know or for those who stop to read, they can learn something more by leaving a comment below.

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