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How to Organize all of your Blog Posts ideas

You have too many ideas for writing a blog post, and you don't know where to start.

You want to put them all together to write the breakdown later, but you don't want to lose the different ideas that just occurred to you.

There are different ways to put your ideas in order so that you cannot forget them, this goes from pencil and paper, from the application of notes on your cell phone, to creating folders on your laptop.

Struggling how to organize all your blog post ideas

In this post, I can explain different ways to save your great ideas for your blog posts, from identifying them based on your niche, who you are targeting, and/or to who can help it.

Also making a list creating spectacular titles and possibly subtitles to put your ideas of the publication, with a title that will introduce the entire breakdown of the text.

So, let's get started, here are eight ways to organize your blog post ideas.

#1 pencil and paper

A classic, before technology was developed as we know it today, everything was pencil and paper, but be careful, erasing and doing it again was not so easy until they began to create methods to erase and write again on it.

Today it can still be used, although it is not such a common technique, that it disappears immediately after one starts university.

But if you have a planner or you like to print templates such as a checklist, this can help you a lot to write down your ideas and keep track of it.

#2 Notes on your cell phone

A bit old-fashioned, but not so much, I'm still in my 20s, I still use it, firstly, because it's quite easy to have it and it doesn't save as much space on the cell phone, and secondly, it's easy to access.

It is very agile when it comes to not having where to write down the moment an idea occurs and you do not want to lose it, it can be suddenly at a family dinner or with friends, traveling in the car, as long as it is not you who is driving, or who knows even on the beach, they say that the more relaxed one is, the more active our brain is.

So, try from time to time to always have your cell phone in hand or as close as possible, yes I know, this is needless to say.

#3 Other type of application

We all know about Microsoft's laptop note app, but there are other note apps.

One of the most common and of course, the most used, is Trello.

Trello is great when it comes to taking notes and notes, you must first create an account with your email. Then you start creating boards according to how you want to keep everything organized, but you already know that you have to add one specifically for your blog.

Then on each board, you can add lists. But as we are with the Blog board, we will only create lists related to the blog, you can create lists based on categories according to your niche, lifestyle, design, food, photography, or another type of niche you are targeting.

Well, the boards have already been created, as you will see in each one card are added, in it, you write the title of the card, an important part. The title of the card can be the different categories of publications that you want to write on your blog. In each card you will create one or more lists, the title of each list must be the idea of ​​the publication you have or the title of the publication that it will have, and right there when you open the list you can start to break down your ideas, all in one single site.

The best part is that you do not have to worry about having the application in one place, you can have it both on your laptop and your cell phone synchronized through the email of the account created.

#4 Google Drive

Google Drive is good for keeping your ideas archived in the clouds and viewing them on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can make a Microsoft Word document online, and save it by creating folders, to distinguish. The good part is that you can edit the text of the publication anywhere every time something came up to your mind, or you want to change, you have immediate access to the text, a bit similar to Trello in this part.

#5 Folders

Really, folders? Yes, Folders. It is very practical, by the way, I do it.

You can create different Folders in a specific one for your blog, to each Folder you will put the idea or the title of your publication. This is very practical because not only will you have the document of your idea, in fact, if you are sharing your blog on social networks, you can separate the images along with their respective publication, be it an Instagram post or the pins on Pinterest that will take your readers directly to your publication through a link.

If you want to be more creative, you can differentiate the folders by categories using colors, if you could change the color of each Folder, in case you didn't know, if you did, thumbs up.

#6 Make a List of Idea using printable templates such as checklist, task, to-do list

Lately having an agenda has been quite important, a place to keep everything organized, they contain different organization sections, from a checklist, task, and to-do list.

But now, it has been done individually for immediate printing, with different designs for every taste. Each one has its own function, checklists are commonly used when shopping at the supermarket, although they have made it a separate category, Shopping List, well as I was saying, with checklists you can keep track of what you have already done and marking it ready in a check box.

The tasks are good for assignments that are carried out during the day, this is good if you want to write the publication on a Tuesday, you have control of doing it in the morning, and in the afternoon, you make the corresponding images and at night you decide to publish them, just to give yourself an idea.

With the to-do lists, you have very good control of your publications, an order that you must do before writing until publishing them. You start by writing your ideas, titles, or subtitles, if necessary, images, and in which social networks you will share them to generate traffic to your publication. So, what you do is a list of everything you must do so that you do not forget absolutely anything.

Struggling how to organize all your blog post ideas

#7 Identify Niche

The famous niches are the topic of your blog of the audience you are addressing very rarely you write to the general public, for example, that would already be a digital newspaper, but first, before writing a blog you have to identify your audience, whom you will address, as an example, I am addressing entrepreneurs, interior designers, photographers, and people who need to create visual content for social networks or their page.

As you can see, you do not have to be a specific topic or write to a specific audience, since several categories of niches are related to each other, design is related to photography, and photography is related to visual content, and these people or audiences are usually entrepreneurs, although the information I offer is also helpful even for students.

There you have an idea of ​​how to identify your niche and relate it to other areas.

This will help you capture your ideas more clearly and organize them in the different ways that I explained above, to be able to differentiate your blog into different categories that will be broken down according to the type of niche and the topics related to it.

#8 Write outstanding headings to engage

One of the most difficult parts is to create a title that attracts the public's attention enough, that invites them to read, of how important the publication can be for those who are reading it.

In this post, I show you how to create outstanding headings to engage with readers, so that you can start writing your ideas through the creation of the headings and start developing the text.

So, you can create a list and write it down where you want as I just taught you above, so that you can write your publications and get a good reading public, as long as taking who you are addressing, remember to create your niche, that will be your audience that always It will be present, even if others appear who believe that the information you are offering is of value to them.

As you already know that I have written a publication on how to create outstanding headings to engage and in the same way I will show you a list of possible titles that you can use in your publications and some content ideas, I also offer a list of outstanding heading for your post so you can engage with your audience, this list is available on the VIP and Premium Membership.

Struggling how to organize all your blog post ideas

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