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Reels: Instagram is not a sharing photo app anymore

If you use Instagram for your business, and you're paying attention to every news like updates and more, you have probably heard that Instagram is not a sharing app anymore, don't worry, it doesn't mean you don't have to post images anymore, the things is Instagram wants more videos as a new lead for interaction in the app.

In this case, if you like to share yourself with the world using videos and talk to your audience it's good news for you, but if you're totally the opposite like me, well we have to work on it.

I know you're afraid to show yourself, because others going to say or because your personality doesn't go with your audience, also probably you're an introvert not so so good at socializing with others. That's ok because videos if not just about sharing your face, you can do so much more to keep up with new changes on the app.

This blog post, it's going to divide into different parts, as videos are the new challenge for everyone, I will share anything and explaining everything related to those features from Instagram related to videos, there are Reels, IGTV, Lives, and Stories.

In this post, we are going to talk about Reels, as a new sensation to interact with your audience and the easiness to target your audience in less than 30 minutes or 1 hour.

So first thing first, Why Reels are being so important since it was launched?

Well as you know since TikTok exists it's always been on a trend of every type of content shared in the video app, some of them reshare it on Instagram, so for IG (Instagram) decide to be a good idea to share content differently on the app, and more with everyone consuming videos while we were at home because of the pandemic.

They decide to create Reels, but not just to keep resharing your TikTok videos on the app, because it's already banned. It means you have to create directly on the app or add it without the TikTok watermark, if you upload with the watermark in case you don't know yet, the IG algorithm will restrain to reach your audience, the video will be visible more for your followers and non-followers, but this last will be less account it because the reachment will be lower.

For those who don't know yet, in case you are seeing the same type of Reels, there are really different ways to share content using Reels, of course, with or without a face, I will just point out so you can start seeing which ones it works better for you to share content on your Feed.

Here are different Reels formats to share content adding value:

  • Dancing

  • Pointing to the beat

  • Screen Recording (share IG gifs, IG Tips, Cellphone tips with others apps)

  • Remixing reels

  • Transitions shots

  • Speed it up/Slow Motion

  • Syncing with the audio

  • Green Screen filters (make sure to have them available, if you have an android probably don't have it available)

  • Recording videos (day in the life, BTS, workspace, and more)

  • Motivational videos (quotes with background photo or videos)

Creating those probably will be nice, if you have more than 500 views in each one it will be reaching more people to see it. And you probably will ask why 500 views are important?

Instagram decides to share around your Reel to be seen 500 times, when your Reel reaches this first number it means it will keep being showing around longer, more above I will explain how long a Reel will be shown to new viewers every day, know as the Reel Lifetime.

But, first, you have to manage how to get 500 views so it can keep being showing up to more users so you can grow your engagement and also grow your account.

So, here are 5 ways to master your Reels and grab not just more attention, also be more connect with your audience and be able to build a community.

  • Grab attention in 3sec: the 3sec rules to engage your content on video, you can do it a the beginning with a catching heading, making face expression with trending songs, or talk directly like they feel you’re talking to them.

  • Learn how to use the whole feature: since IG launch Reels, they have been making changes and updates to work it better, so users consume more time in the app, the last update was Remix, this help to connect with other accounts with more engagement to reach a higher audience that will connect with your content.

  • Show your face: you’re already building your community, it means you have to show yourself, make them feel they’re talking to a human and not to a machine on the other side of the screen.

  • Entertain while you’re sharing value content: please, don’t be too boring, I know it can be hard, it’s even for me, I’m an Introvert but I have been given the best of myself and will continue, so you have to do the same, try your best, practice makes perfect, someday you will get your comfort zone on this whole new world of interaction through videos.

  • Be original: I will just say this, you just have to remember “Everyone has its own personality”.

Also, there is another way you can grab their attention with Reels using CTAs (Call to Action), this way you can make them take some action through video using other features, like Stories, share your Reels to Stories to gain more views and let your followers about your new post but don't forget to add a CTA, for example:

Examples of CTAs for Reels:

  1. Tap New Reel

  2. Share this Reel with someone who will need it

  3. Remix this Reel

  4. Save the audio to make your own Reel

There you have four examples for CTAs for Reels, so easy to use it, and make everyone interact on your account just by making some actions.

As I said before, not everyone likes to show themselves through videos, or probably if you have a business, the type of business doesn't require you to show your own face but your products.

Yes, you can make videos of your product or business in different ways for your audiences or already clients. Here are 10 tips for Reels without showing your face, make sure to take some notes:

  1. BTS (Behind the Scenes)

  2. Show around your home office

  3. Share packing orders process

  4. Show a before and after the creation process

  5. Tease upcoming products or videos

  6. Promote your services/packages

  7. DIY handmade products

  8. Unboxing arrive products

  9. Explain a tutorial with your voice recorded

  10. Promote your freebies

Now you know how important are Reels, how to grab the attention of your audience to see it, and different ways to create your own. Also, you have to know just one Reel has to be successful to keep reaching more users, and even if you believe it or not, in some cases is always the one less expected to be.

To create your Reels to be successful a least just one, there are 5 tips for a successful Reel, so pay attention to these ones, some of them are already mentioned upward but I still going to point out so you can learn more and also to keep it up using it.

So, here are the 5 tips for a successful Reel:

1. Plan ahead

You want to create a least 3-4 Reels for every week, and you want to make sure to make it at least in 1-2 hours to create them. First, you have to batch your Reels ideas, it can take a least 1 hour according to what type of videos content you will create, them schedule yourself to when you're going to start recording these videos, for example, if going to be in the afternoon or you're going to divide in two days.

Pick a least 3-5 outfits to change according to how you're going to create, outfits are to change the monotone of the videos and also if you want to make transitions shots to be more entertaining or gain more attention. Use 1-3 outfits for every single Reel, at the end make sure to take a photo of yourself every time you make a Reel to use as a Cover.

2. Make it is entertaining and educational

Videos are for entertaining but also to educate, but if you're going to educate your audience a least not be so boring doing so. Entertainment your audience while teaching or explaining something new, it doesn't matter if you're talking or using audio, make sure they stay to watch it to enjoy it and learn at the same time.

If you think it's hard to try or don't know how to do it, make sure to watch some Reels from users around your niche to drag some ideas.

3. Use trending audios that goes well with your business

Did you know your audience can see your Reels when they search through audios? This happens when somebody likes audio and wants to use it for the content, they click on the audio name to see who more are creating Reels with that audio and probably stop seeing yours.

Make sure you use trending audio, for your Reels so others can also find you and probably decide to stay around for a little bit.

4. Use a catching Hook and CTAs

Do you remember the 3 seconds rule to catch someone's attention? Well, you also do this with a catching Hook, let your audience know about what the Reel Content it's going to be with a great Hook.

A Hook is the part of the Reel that will get people's interest in what you're sharing so you can gain some views, it's commonly at the beginning to catch your audience to view the entire video. It can be title, audio, or action to catch the eyes so they can stop scrolling.

A hook can be also a CTAs, you can use in the entire video, in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end, remember this is to make your audience make some actions, like leave a comment, save the Reel for later or share with others, also you can try to share some tips so they can screenshot them.

5. Repurpose old Content

Old Content always gonna be useful in the future, this type of content is called Evergreen Content, they stay original at is and never lose meaning, always use it doesn't matter of the changes.

So, if you have this type of content on your Feed and it was a very long time you share it as a traditional post, why don't reuse it as a Reel? Give it a try, this way you can always have new content to share in case you have trouble to come with new ideas.

As, you have seen Reel are a very important way to share content as video, and it's in some sort ways better when it comes to how long your content is out there, for example, a single post can last depends on the Hashtags a least a day or two, 24-48 hours. But, a Reel can las more, it's called Lifetime, how long your content are there?

Another example, like social media content, Instagram content doesn't last long as on Pinterest, Pins are always there it doesn't matter how many years. So, to answers, the question below, make sure you decide at the end to start creating video content.

Do you know the Reel Lifetime? How many days or weeks are your Reels are out there to be watched for hours?

I noticed I’m seeing reels posted two weeks old, and this is one of the best things compared to traditional posts, like single or carousels posts. Because your Reels keep showing to an audience and more new people get to know you.

People, it’s not a joke!

Keep working on it, Reels are for Real!

Get some Covers for your Reels to grow your engagement.

Create it for every niche, you can change the fonts, and add your own colors brand.

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