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Sale Funnel

It's the journey a customer goes through in to make the action to purchase.

A sales funnel will help to optimize your sales and improve your marketing strategies.

It will help to understand what to improve on your products or services, or even on the sales pages.

How does the sales funnel work?

It's generally divided into four sections:

1. Awareness

It's when they are of the products or services your business gives, this happens through your social media or even ads. This is why you have to work into your marketing strategy so your product or services can be recognized/aware by your audience target.

2. Interest

It's the second stage of the sales funnel after they learn about your business, they become interested in what you are offering, and how your product or services will be helpful for them.

3. Decision

According to the information they have put together through their interest, they will decide on how good the prices are to invest, different options for membership, courses, or webinars to help them grow their own business, yoga, or nutrition class for a better healthy life.

4. Action

This is the final stage, after they make their decision they put it into action, and they decide to purchase the product or services of your business, in case they not, you will have to keep working on your marketing strategies until they made up their mind.

How to create a Sales Funnel for your business?

1. Build a landing page

This page would communicate your business about your product or service, this happens after one of your audience clicks into an email, ads, or links in your Social Media bio accounts, to land on a page where they will learn about what your business is providing, this will motivate your potential customer to purchase or join your list of subscribers.

2. Offer something of value

Offer a product or service your audience can benefit from it by subscription to create an email list, this will help to grow your audience in exchange for their email address by giving something free and valuable, which can be an ebook or worksheet, or free short webinar.

3. Start nurturing

Share information about your products or services through the email list you have created with the subscription and send their email with any type of content, educational o promotional, this happens when your audience is in the stage of Interest but they haven’t made a decision to put into action.

4. Upsell

When they are in the stage of decision to take an action you want them to make in the right direction to purchase, you can include in some of your products or services, like Free Trial, discount, or even a coupon.

5. Keep it going

Don’t stop your sales funnel process; optimize and identify through the analytics you have recollected and identify what is to improve to keep providing your products or services.

Importance of a sales funnel

A sale Funnel shows the journey from the awareness to the action of purchasing a product or service your business provides, creating and analyzing a Sale Funnel will help to understand what it’s working or not needs to be improved, also these stages will help to know in which one you are having issues to connect your audience with your products or services which make them to not continue with the process to make a possible purchased.

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