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Valentines Marketing 2021 for small business at home

Valentines' is around the corner and you have to be prepared for it

As you knew Valentine's day is around the corner, and you have to be prepared for it.

Using marketing tools to attracts customers lead them to your shop.

Marketing tools are essentials to announce products through posts, videos, or other types of tools that help to engage with customers, using this you can attract customers to do whatever you want to in your social media business and website.

You can do all of this, using social media, emails, and your website, or in a new blog post leaving a banner on it.

So, before you start reading make sure to stop by the shop to see the Valentine's Bundle 2021, the bundle has photos, Valentine quotes, and handmade doodles.

Here are different social media and website tips to announce your products on the shop without paying, except for Ads, I will teach you how to do it with every feature available in every social media, website, and email.

#1 Instagram:


Use a post to attract customers with hashtags and keywords, create a catching visual post and engagement captions, so they can possibly leave a least a comment.


If you’re new to using Instagram, you probably have seen these videos where you can find them at the bottom of your feed in the middle. These types of videos are great to engage with other types of customers, can be teenagers or moms in so cases, you can create a small length video using your products, a behind the scenes, an announcement or show yourself talking about the valentine’s products in your shop.


If you don’t like small-length videos or you need more minutes showing your products IGTV is great for you, create a long-length video, I will advise you a least 3 minutes of the video, don’t take too much time explaining, be simple and fast.


When people see your post, they will want to click on your profile to see what more your offering, make sure to have a story post it so they can see how active you’re on Instagram, so they can stay around a little bit.


Want to go further? Use Ads, you can determine a specific place, audience, or anything else to attract customers and more now in this oncoming season for Valentine 2021.

#2 Facebook


Leave a post on Facebook, which can be added from the profile or the same post from Instagram, if it is from Instagram, captions, and hashtags will work well as here.


Create Facebook videos, Facebook has a Video Section, make sure to create one and post it here, people around your niche or followers can easily find them without scrolling down the feed.


Now the story is everywhere, you can create one from Facebook, or do the same as a post on Instagram, send the story from Instagram to Facebook so you can work more fasters in social media.


Don’t forget to use ads, and you can post them on Instagram from Facebook, remember to be creative, it doesn’t have to be a single post, try carousels or videos.

Marketing tools are essentials to announced new products

#3 Twitter


Make a tweet, a lot of the people see them without following you and without using hashtags, this is the part I like more from Twitter and this happens thanks to keywords, make sure to use them well, and don’t forget to leave the link to the shop.


I don’t like the idea of how fleets work, but you have to use it in case someone stops by your twitter they can see what you’re posting on that can’t do it very well in a simple tweet.


Yes, you can leave ads on Twitter too, and for season shops this is great because Twitter users are mostly teenagers and some moms, a good place to sell products or show your shop.

#4 YouTube

If you’re a YouTuber this is probably for you.

Recent Video Announced at the End of video

You’re going to upload your next videos and you have new products for the oncoming season, want everyone who is watching your videos to know about it, well you have a small space to add at the end of the video. Tell every one of your new products, make sure to leave the link on the description so they can purchase immediately.


Try ads too, people are watching more videos these days because they are spending more time on cell phones or laptops while some of the work or study at home, make sure to leave ads in some videos from other channels, so when somebody sees a video and stop to show your Ad, make sure is catchy enough they will stop in your shop.

#5 Website

Use Banner

Making discounts on products for Valentine's Day, leave a code discount in a banner of your website, this is great for people stopping by your website and see this, they will want to take advantage of the discount offer and buy one of your products.

Email Automatization/Newsletters

Do you have an email list? Send emails to your customer, let them know what is new on the shop, or discount offers, so they can stay tuned on everything in this valentine’s season.

Email Ads

Send emails Ads to people around your niche, these types of emails always show up in the inbox, I have stopped to see some of them know more about it, you can use these types of email to attract new customers to your shop.

Now you know how to market your sales for Valentine this year, the most important part of all this, it’s free, with the exception of Ads, you have to pay for them, but it doesn’t cost too much depending on how you manage your budget, well that is on you.

So, start selling your products before Valentine’s Day ends.

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