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Vintage Tropical Bundle

A collection of 31 Styled Stock Photos features Vintage Tropical Lifestyle created for Creative Content Creator and Entrepreneurs.

This amazing Vintage Topical Photo Bundle created for lifestyle bloggers and Content Creators is to be used to create social content and blog content according to your audience. This bundle consists of the most simple vintage details in a cozy tropical style.

Inspire in the daily life for does who loves to cook can create visual content on Social Media. This can be used on graphics templates for Social Media Content, Websites, and blogs.

Ideal for:

  • Female entrepreneurs

  • Content creators

  • Lifestyle Bloggers

  • Coaches

  • Entrepreneurs

To use for:

  • Website Images

  • Branding moodboards

  • Social Media content

  • Banners

What’s included:

  • 31 High-Quality Styled Stock Photos in .jpg format

  • 14 Portrait images

  • 10 Landscape images.


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