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What I learned growing a Business

Starting a business it’s not easy, neither is growing. You have to come up with an idea that can be the same from others, and find the difference between your products and services, to why your audience should go with you.

It’s almost 2023, and I have learned this in two years since I launched my business.

I’ve stopped following some accounts and reaching to some types of content, talking about how to hack the Instagram algorithm, when actually it doesn’t happen. And if you put really good attention sometimes they repeat the same content with different words.

They have a mount of followers that can help boost their accounts, and they know it helps and tells you to not pay attention.

Let’s be real, if you don’t have more than 500 followers almost no one will take your business seriously and this doesn’t help getting a lot of thought in your head, like it did to me.

So I actually stop looking at the followers account, and let what happens to mean to happen. I learn to not post almost everyday, I post two or three times a week, and not always I create Reels.

My Reels were starting to go down, so I decided to create more ecstatic content than video, I let TikTok and Youtube for that.

This what you actually has to know:

☆ Don’t rush, believe it, don't do it. You can make a mistake in the rush that won’t be easy to keep up.

☆ Not everyone will have a lot of followers, create content and sell your products without shame. These types of accounts tell you to not do it, and when you end sliding their carousel post the last slide it’s a product promotion. Like for real?!

☆ Don’t get too exacting to see these words, Hack, Algorithm, Secrets. It will tell the same thing that everyone is sharing but with their own words, and things that you already know. My advice here, learn how to use the app in the way you feel comfortable using it and your content will flow naturally as it should.

☆ You don’t want to share your face or talk, don’t worry that is you. Be yourself, there are a lot of people like you. I will tell you sometimes it gets tiresome to see the same face in the feed, in stories and anywhere else, in the same monotone way. Even by entertainment, so you can share content with your face or without, someone out there will engage with your content, understanding that you are different, different good and unique.

☆ Take a look at your feed, does it look visually aesthetic? You are probably wondering what it means.

Does it look organized? It’s there an intention with the content? Do you have a strategy to share content? Does your post resonate with your brand?

Let’s resume, things you have to take into account:

  • Don’t worry about your business product, you have very unique and different offers.

  • Don’t hack anything, for real.

  • Create content and sell your products without shame.

  • Engage with your audience in the way you feel comfortable, if you don’t want to show your face or talk, you don’t have to and if you do it doesn’t mean to do it everyday. You have a life and social media shouldn’t be top priority.

  • Never put attention to some social post, like use this hack or how to hack the Instagram algorithm, it doesn’t work. Because it’s not like that. It is barely close to it, create your content and share, see your analytics and work with it.

At the end, be yourself, be your business brand. And not try to keep with others, not even to fit in with others.

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