"Don't be afraid to design, to create your own world and be inspired each day."

Hi, I am Sarai Pérez founder of SP Atelier Design.


I'm an Interior Designer, and I have done some courses about design, branding, and photography to complete part of the knowledge that I already have, but I'm still learning there is no dead end to it.

My passion for being a professional interior designer began in my last year of high school. At first, I thought about studying architecture and wanted to do something different, awaken my creativity all I knew was that I did not want to design places but to design the interior of spaces.


Also, I like photography as a hobby, and I decide to make it a part-time business.

I have been creative since my childhood, from making crafts for play, to create designs for videos and presentations. So, I decided to make my creative life into a business, that is when I decided to create SP Atelier Design at the end of the year 2019.

At first, it was supposed to be a craft store, so I started buying craft materials and equipment to learn how to make the products to sell them. 

I was determined to open the store in February 2020, but I couldn't do it due to the pandemic, which did not allow me to open the store, so, like others, they had to close their businesses due to the crisis.

Perhaps, 2020 was not the best year, but I managed to find a way out since life must go on and learned to adapt to certain situations that arise in life.

Happiness is my life Key

So, in December 2020, SP Atelier Design starts to share tips and tricks on Instagram, and in January 2021 I finally decided to launch the website to create and share stock photos, social media templates, illustrations, resources, and more. 

So, I am here to help others to manage their businesses with tips
& tricks and answers their question.
With styled photos, social media graphics, illustrations, and resources on the blog, and memberships for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs can grow and establish their businesses.

Helping your small biz stand out on social media

The Imposter Syndrome is real don’t let take on you, you’re more than you imagine

Let me help to do the work much better with these Stock Photos


Need social templates to share your content and sell your services or products

Want to create content and captions for Instagram and.or blog



Don’t know how to show yourself using IG like Reels or need some ideas




Grow your business, manage your analytics, and get results.

A small piece about me

 Coffee is my favorite drink☕️, Chocolate is my favorite snack🍫, and take pictures of anything part of nature🌼.

Love to Create, Design, and Draw, especially with my drawing tablet🎨.

 Kpop lover, huge fan of the latest groups such as SuperM, BTS, Pentagon, EXO, and NUEST.

 I take my camera wherever I go, you never knew if you cover the biggest news to go viral. 😝

 My favorite place on earth, my sibling, cousins, and I, we called the backyard, is Sosúa Beach🌊, we all lived and grow together.

 Apart from Hakuna Matata, also I have a Day by Day quote, Mark 5:36.